moderated Re: Jaws and iTunes

Margaret Thomas <iluvtoread@...>


You might want to take a look at "Get iTuned Into Audio" from Hartgen Consultancy.

It is not free and costs about $52.00 U. S. I did not see what version of JAWS is used, but you could contact Brian if interested.

I haven't used it and know nothing about iTunes, but remembered seeing it listed when I was looking for a tutorial on something else.

Hope this helps,


On 8/22/2019 10:14 PM, Kevin Meyers wrote:
Hello, I’m using windows10, most recent version of Jaws and itunes. I looked on the internet for a tutorial on using Jaws and Itunes. I couldn’t find anything other than using Jaws12. Does anyone know of a tutorial that is more recent? Thanks, Kevin

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