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If what you're saying is that the trip suggestions are not being read, then I have the same issue with NVDA.  The objects are there, I can see them, I could click them, but when I land on them I get either "Blank" for the first one or nothing at all for the second.

I just redid this again, using different times, and get the same behavior when I try tabbing through the results via the keyboard, but what's really weird is that if I have mouse tracking on, and am moving the mouse over these various trip plan options, the visible text is being read.  The first is always announced as Blank and the following items as dead silence.

I cannot even get a keyboard and screen reader based workaround to work, at least with conventional commands.

If JAWS has a script available that allows you to move the mouse over the screen, and mouse tracking is on, you should be able to hear those results read to you as the mouse pointer is hovering over each of the things that look like trip option buttons on that page, but definitely are not implemented as buttons.   It has been some months since I was last using JAWS actively, and do not know if a direct mouse movement via keyboard option is available or if tracking and announcement of what's under it are available, either.   But based on my NVDA experimentation that's the only way I can find to get all of the options to be read by the screen reader.


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