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I wish I could take all the credit, but this list actually predates Yahoo Groups. When I joined initially, we were hosted on OneList (remember those guys?). Actually if I remember correctly, and someone can feel free to correct me if they know, Mark (the owner of was initially involved in OneList before it was sold to what then became Yahoo Groups. At the time, we were under the guidance of a man named Nick Allen. We changed ownership a couple times after that, and hosting platforms once, before I took over--we were on when I took the wheel, and the archives from those days are still up there.

Related: Holy crap, I just realized this is probably the longest online venture I've had any active part in that's still running. God I feel old.

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Brian, For me too! To much with all of this. People just asking questions to a very confusing issue. Very Admiral of you to take the time talk to us regarding this. We all said we didn't care but the fact is we did and do! Much appreciated. Georgi

On 8/22/2019 12:15 PM, cecropia64 wrote:

thank you.?? now that was a helpful answer to an innocent question.??
i appreciate you clearing it up for me.?? have a great one.


On 8/22/2019 12:13 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
I agree, the use of "the list" and "this list" being bandied about is

This group, as in /The JAWS for Windows Support List/, is owned by
James Homuth and, to my knowledge, has been since its inception.

The now defunct JAWS Users group, whose exact name I do not know and
since it's been nuked cannot pull up, has never, to my knowledge,
been owned or moderated by the owner of this very group that I'm
about to post this message to (James Homuth).?? If I'm wrong I am
certain that the Group Owner of this very group will correct me.

The "pop-up replacement" for said nuked group is,
<,>??home page here,, <>??which
includes its various addresses just like all group home
pages do, and which I mentioned how to search for last night.?? It
came into existence yesterday.

That covers all of the "this and that" groups that have been swirling
around in various topics here.?? It is left as an exercise to the
reader to figure out just which this or that was being alluded to in
those other messages.

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