moderated Jaws not seeing part of Mobile website


Could someone out there please have a look at this website and give me your thoughts?

The ETS(Edmonton Transit System) has 2 web-based trip planning applications:
A "main" version and a "mobile" version.
I especially like the mobile version of this web application because it's just html-based -- no clutter & no fuss.
But, there's a problem
Maybe the best way to describe it is to walk you through it:

Let's suppose I want to go from my house to the airport.
I would point my browser to the "mobile" Trip Planner webpage:
The first thing it assks for is: Select trip start location
There's a combo bbox of 4 "Start location types" you can choose from.
Pick "Landmark".
In the associated Edit field, type in: lewis.
You should see a list of possible landmarks that contain the word: Lewis
From this list, pick "Lewis Farms Transit Station" and press "Enter".
The edit field should now contain this text.

Next, you have to Select the trip end location
Again, from the combo box list of available End location types, pick "Landmark"
In the associated edit field, type: airport
You will be shown a list of 8 possibilityes containing the word: airport
From this list, pick: Edmonton International Airport -- It's the fourth in this list.
Fill in the rest of the stuff on this page: just pick "reasonable" values.
Once everything is specified, go to the "Get Trip Plan" button and press Enter.

And now, this is where the problem happens:
The "Trip Suggestions" returned to me are not visible to Jaws.
A sighted viewer can pick them up, but Jaws does not.

Could someone out there please have a look at this,
offer an explanation as to what causes this,
and suggest a work-around fix?
I would REALLY appreciate it!
PS: The browser I use is Firefox.
In order to see if another browser might work better on this site,
I tried it with the MS Edge browser -- same thing.
So I think the issue is a Jaws issue.

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