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On Thu, Aug 22, 2019 at 01:58 PM, Don H wrote:
OK I have to ask, what is wrong with this list?
Nothing.   If I had my way it would simply become the single list on for English-speaking users to seek assistance and information.   The amount of fragmentation in the blind technology arena is already too significant, in my opinion.

I will note that I was simply trying to answer the question as posed.   I would hope that "the refugees from the now defunct JAWS Users list" would find a home here rather than trying to re-create it, which will probably be a futile exercise if history is any indicator (and that's not a personal swipe at those who created it, but is based on what I've observed in situations such as this before).    Finding a new home among folks who already have a long established group covering the same territory simply makes the most sense.  And, without exception, I've found those groups that are "the surviving one(s)" welcome those displaced.

There's a part of me hoping that these very topics get closed, and closed very soon.

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