moderated Re: A potential suggestion for the list:

Gerald Levy

First of all, the list you are referring to was called JAWS Lite, not JFW Lite, an important distinction.?? This list is still in existence, but is mostly inactive and hence does not qualify as a bone fide list for the discussion of JAWS issues.?? There is already a resource that contains a comprehensive list of free, JAWS-accessible programs.?? It is the programs page of the JAWS-Users web site, which will continue to be accessible even though the JAWS-Users list has been shut down.


On 8/21/2019 5:58 PM, Angel wrote:
When the old J F W lite list existed, its moderator and owner, debbie Scales, ??deliberately found free programs which were Jaws compliant.?? She shared them with the list.?? She died prior to the advent of the Windows 7 release.?? Thus the list was never continued.?? It would be nice if??similar free programs might be found.?? To share with the list.??

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