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For any group, including this one, to independently locate the group and its addresses:

1. Go to the Search page.

2. Navigate to the search box and enter your search terms, in this case try JAWS or JAWS Users, but you can use any word, words, or quote-enclosed phrase just like on any search.

3. All groups whose names or descriptions include your search terms are returned, arranged by name.

4. All group home pages are presented as links, that are also at heading level 5, so use your favored method to cruise through all headings at level 5, which will vary by screen reader.

5. Activate the link when you find what you think is the group of interest.

6. After reading whatever you may want to check out, probably the group description, use screen reader search to locate "Group Email Addresses".

7. The actual post, subscribe, unsubscribe, etc. addresses are presented as a list directly after the "Group Email Addresses" heading.  Each address is a mailto link.

The better you are about your initial search criteria when doing the search the less dross you'll have to slog through in terms of groups returned.   If you search on something like, say, "horses" you are going to get many, many pages of results.   If you use something like the phrase "Morgan Horses" (or any specific breed, enclosed in quotes) you'll get fewer, in the case of this particular example as of this writing, one.

You can always add search terms and search again if you get too many results or remove a search term or two if what you gave gets you zero results.

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