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Michael Munn

Hi all, this is Michael. I'm currently experiencing an issue with Jaws in Word.
Yestrerday, I asked my school's tech department to update my computer to the latest Windows 10 built 1903. After the update was completed, Jaws begin to act weird in Word. When I press the Left and right arrow key to read work by word instead of reading it, Jaws skip's them and read the next word proceeded to the word next to it.
Some time, It won't read the next word period. I want to know what really cause Jaws to do this? My tech instructor and I  tried every possible ways  to troubleshoot  and the issue still not resolved.
here are the  ways that we take to troubleshoot:
·       Open a series of documents in Word to make sure that it wasn’t one particular doc causing the problem.

·        and pasted text only into Word and this would work for a line or two.

·       Found a Windows 1903 packet that needed to be installed, downloaded and installed it.

·       Removed old downloads of JAWS, temp file cleanup, disk clean up.

·       Downloaded fresh JAWS install and ran a JAWS repair successfully.
NVDA was able to, but not JAWS.

We then opened Out look and did the same thing and  Outlook  can read the same text that I pasted from word with out any issue.

All feed back are greatly appreciate it.
Best regards 
Michael Munn 

Michael Munn
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