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Yeah… It just came off as a small and petty. Anyway… I think I’m going to hold off on joining. Who knows how many refugees from the old list will even hear about the new one. I’m guessing at first anyway, the majority of folks who join will be the same people on this blindtech and the other JFW list. Seriously… To just blow it up like that without even a heads up. There were probably a lot of folks on that list who need more help than others to find their way. Just to cast them out like that… Messed up. I believe that David guy is also a member of one or two other lists I belong too. Who knows if he’ll interact with them or if it was an entire withdrawal type of deal. 

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          As so many owner martinets do!

          However, it appears that someone promptly created a group here on that is the stub of a replacement.  I am mentioning this only because of this topic, which I believe is legitimate to discuss here:  Jaws Help Website

           If there's a way to get at the help content historically available, regardless of where it is, that's worth sharing in my opinion, even on a "competing list" like this one.  And I really don't consider the lists in competition in any meaningful sense.

            I'd love to see "blind technology" traffic become less fragmented, not more, though there is definite room for separate lists for things like JAWS, NVDA, Narrator, etc.  I still, for myself, would prefer a grand, unified "screen reader and blind technology" group myself, as there is a lot of information on each of these that are completely applicable or easily translatable to the others.   But history often dictates structure, and it sure does at the moment.

             With list management software like has, each user can easily tailor their own experience even on high-traffic groups if they wish to do so.

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