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yes maria.?? that is the same list.?? i guess i was just very surprised that this decision was made just like that without any regard to the folks who relied on the information they got from it.?? just very disappointed.?? glad this list is still here.?? not too many lists out there for jaws.


On 8/21/2019 4:46 PM, Maria Campbell wrote:

I'm not sure what list you are talking about, unless it's the JAWS users list of that same name.?? I left it quite a while ago, because I was chastised for not being a passive follower of all things VFO.?? The owner appeared to be on a power trip with a very heavy hand.?? Too bad it's gone, but no surprise.

Maria Campbell

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On 8/21/2019 4:38 PM, JM Casey wrote:

I???m not always so good at ???reading??? peoples??? emotions twhom I don???t know in text, and I guess what came across as a bit of grumbling was actually some kinf of emotional distress. Don???t know what was going on behind the scenes or even if he tried to hand the list over to someone else. Perhaps there were no takers. That list existed for a very long time, too???

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On Wed, Aug 21, 2019 at 03:55 PM, JM Casey wrote:

The main moderator (I think) said that it had been brewing for
quite a while

Not that I have any experience with that list, but I have plenty with lists in general.

It is a poor, poor list owner indeed that just shuts down a list unannounced.?? ??It simply isn't done if you have any integrity at all.?? The content created in lists and their archives may be "mechanically owned" by a list owner, but are actually owned by the membership.?? It is always possible to permanently lock a list, and walk away, leaving the archive content accessible if there is no one who you'd care to hand it over to.


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