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On Tue, Aug 20, 2019 at 05:51 PM, JM Casey wrote:
But when you read a book in print, you don’t (usually) see two spaces after a period, correct?
That depends, at least from a "how it looks" perspective, on the type used.  It certainly appears that either some use a 2-space convention or the type itself has a somewhat wider space.

When it comes to proportional fonts some "compress" a space far more than others do, but all compress it in comparison to "wide" letters like M and W, for instance.

I wish there were a way to convey this in a truly meaningful way for those that cannot see.   The differences between fonts, in many respects, that are all proportional fonts can be radical.   For those here who may have once been able to see, think about the difference between how a True Type font such as Vivaldi or Palace Script look when compared with Times New Roman.   Even though both can be read with relative ease, when the content is short, try to imagine reading an entire book in one of the first two script fonts as opposed to Times New Roman.  I'd be exhausted by the end of the first page, because letter form matters, and matters a lot, when ease of visual scanning and processing are involved.   There are an awful lot of fonts that were developed to be "visually interesting" for things like posters, invitations, and the like but are not ever intended to be used for article or book length material for publication and reading by the masses.   Any of these being machine read, or converted for Braille displays, are exactly the same in those contexts.   There's a gulf that cannot be fully bridged due to sensory modalities at play and the fact that, in the case of Braille, the whole idea of font as I experience it is absent.

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