moderated Re: updates--improvements not mentioned

Ann Byrne

Cudos to FS for a couple of improvements I haven't seen documented:

1. Allowing use of the ribbon in huuuuuuuuge Access database files. To extract reports at work from our 16000 item Access database, I for years had to use either NVDA or narrator, as JAWS would freeze up. Today I can use the ribbon to export small reports from this humongous database without switching screen readers. Yea!

2. In Excel with JAWS 2018 if I select a series of numbers I can read from the status bar "average, (a number), count (the number), and sum" (a number, the total). With earlier versions of JAWS 2019 only 'average' was spoken. Now all three items are available. I use this function often to total student hours. Yea!!!

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