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I mean… who wants to go back to the days where there was only one yearly release of Jaws and if there was some sort of bug in the update or if something got broken in an application or whatever, then good luck working around it until October/November for the next update.

These periodic releases have been hugely helpful with addressing stuff and fixing them faster.


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Every software company messes up from time to time, for the most part Jaws just as NVDA is probably doing a lot of work just to keep up with changes  from Microsoft since they seem to change things which impact screenreaders on a pretty regular bases these days. I am not sure why you would make the statement about being lucky Vispero isn’t charging for these bug fixes, they never have and there is no indication they ever will. There really hasn’t been a change  in how Vispero charges for their updates for a lot of years and even then I don’t recall the last time the price for the SMA you have to buy every two years went up. I guess the introduction in the US of the subscription model counts as a change although at this point it is more of an alternative way of being able to use Jaws since existing users can still continue to pay their $5 a month which is what the $120 for a Jaws Home SMA boils down to.

I use an application for my point of sale which is not getting any feature updates or bug fixes any more, yet I pay $347 US every single year so I can continue to use it, if I didn’t it would no longer work when it expires every January 31, but I need it so I have no choice. I really wonder why some blind people think everything needs to be free.






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That sure was a politically correct way to say JAWS/Freedom Scientific or whomever they call themselves now messed up and had to put out a “fix”. Feel blessed they have not begun charging for their said fixes yet.


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Every item in the release notes accompanying each update serves as a reason for releasing the update.


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Why so many updates to Jaws?

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