Re: Screenreader Accessible Data Recovery Software

Marvin Hunkin <startrekvoyager@...>

okay, got a strange one, got a external samgsun 500 gb ssd. so what i did have a folder called Music, and then subfolders, called Albums, Singles, MarvinsMusic on my external drive, and so i extracted my MarvinsFiles on my c drive, then zipped up using 7 zip, then copied to my external drive. deleted the current MarvinsFiles, and then copied over my new Marvin folder to the external drive. now forgot to copy the folders i had lost. so if if i use recuba, will that allow me to get back my folders, and about 50 gb of music. do have some other music, but those folders only show up. any one had this same issue. if any one has got any suggestions, or do a create a restore point for my external drive. any one had this same issue and how to get back. marvin.

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