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Richard Turner

Well, my system running Jaws 2019 latest version and Windows 10 1903 blocks my use of desktop shortcut keys. I've had one session when Eric Damery remoted into my system and it has him and their developers stumped. There are at least two others that he is dealing with directly with the same issue.
If I unload Jaws 2019 and load Jaws 2018, all the shortcuts work perfectly.
I now use pinning my most used programs to the Task Bar and use the Windows Key with their corresponding number to launch them.
So, the whole point of this is to say, avoid making blanket statements.


Always look out for #1, and be careful not to step in #2. 

On Aug 19, 2019, at 8:37 AM, Zel Iscel <zel@...> wrote:

Hi Dean,


Thanks for your response.

I’ve successfully set the shortcut keys I wanted now so no need to discuss this further.



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Hi.  This is all discussed in Windows Keyboard Power User Guide.  I’m not sure why you’re going to File Locations to set shortcuts, I’ve never looked there.


A JAWS installation will not affect any shortcut keys you’ve set in windows unless there’s a JAWS key conflict, and even then, JAWS won’t see the keystroke.


Perhaps give an example of a keyboard shortcut that you set before, and that doesn’t work now.  How did you set the shortcut before?  Incidentally, I know this was discussed before, but I didn’t read the thread thoroughly.







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Subject: Setting shortcut keys for apps


Hi all,


Sorry, I know this was covered a couple of times before but I don’t seem to have kept the resolutions. So …


Like Anne, I’m finding that the shortcut keys I set aren’t working in Windows 10.


I went to file locations, then properties and input my shortcut keys for certain apps, but was still unsuccessful. What am I doing wrong?


Thanks in advance for your responses, and regards


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