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You can include microphone input in what you record.  I do not think you can change the audio source from the system defaults but if you were to change say your default microphone that should work.


I’ll try and make an audio demo of using this in the next few days.




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I think maybe a short audio demo/tutorial on this would be most helpful. Is it possible, for example, to change the source of the audio, or are we stuck with whatever comes through the default Windows audio device? If this works well and is reliable, then maybe things like OBS Studio wouldn't be necessary. I would much prefer something where I can talk along with what my screenreader is saying so I can explain what's about to happen, or what is happening, as I demonstrate.


On 8/17/2019 7:21 AM, Kelly wrote:

The other nice thing about the Game Bar recording is that by default it records just the active window so items from other windows you might have open won’t appear.  As I said for me, it has become my go to way for making screen recordings.




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