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JM Casey

I think that a pause after a period is largely synthesiser dependent. So some synths will insert longer ones, others won’t. By default, the 1core voices from Microsoft have what is, to me, an insanely lengthy pause between both period and the next sentence and after a comma. You can adjust this in a very well hidden and protected .ini file. I don’t think Eloquence has anything similar. Maybe reduce the general speech rate (although I know this isn’t exactly what you want), or try Vocalizer, or one of the Microsoft voices.


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Subject: Esoteric punctuation question.


Hi, folks.


I decided to get serious about learning JFW. Lots of interesting discoveries, and, a few puzzles.


Here is one. I noticed that with or without punctuation spoken, JAWS kind of rushes past what I consider to be normal length punctuation pause intervals. With Window-Eyes, I was able to put a period character after char.chr dictionary entries, thereby increasing the pause interval. This does not work with the JAWS Eloquence voice, however. To my question.


Is there a setting in JAWS to adjust punctuation pause intervals?


Thank you in advance for your help,

Lou N.

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