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Mike B.

Hi Lou,
Here are a couple of things you can try to see if they help.  It's the same setting change, but 1 changes the setting per application and the other makes the say all change across all applications.

For an individual application:
1. While in the application / program press, Insert + V, to open quick settings.
2. Navigate to the, Say All options, and right arrow to open if closed.
3. Arrow down to, Say all reads by..., and here you press the spacebar to toggle through your choices.  Below are your choices.
Line without pauses
1 of 4
Line with pauses
2 of 4
3 of 4
4 of 4
4. After making your selection tab to, Okay, press enter to save and close.
For all applications:
1. Open the Settings Center in either of these 2 ways.
A. Press, Insert / Jaws Key + 6, on the number row above the main keyboard.
B. Press, Insert / Jaws Key + F2, to open the, Jaws Manager, arrow down, to Settings Center, & press enter.
With the Settings Center open press, control, shift , + D, to open the Settings Center Default All Applications.
2. Down arrow to, Say All options, and right arrow to open.
3. Down arrow 1 time and you will find the same thing as in step# 3 from above, so use the steps from above to make changes.  If you make any changes tab to, Apply, press the spacebar, tab to, Okay, press enter to save and close.
Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go dodgers!
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Subject: Esoteric punctuation question.

Hi, folks.
I decided to get serious about learning JFW. Lots of interesting discoveries, and, a few puzzles.
Here is one. I noticed that with or without punctuation spoken, JAWS kind of rushes past what I consider to be normal length punctuation pause intervals. With Window-Eyes, I was able to put a period character after char.chr dictionary entries, thereby increasing the pause interval. This does not work with the JAWS Eloquence voice, however. To my question.
Is there a setting in JAWS to adjust punctuation pause intervals?
Thank you in advance for your help,
Lou N.

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