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LinkedIn's desktop site is mostly accessible but it may seem complex as there's a lot to the site. There may be things that they could do to improve the accessibility but I actually find it easier to navigate than the mobile app. The desktop site does, at least, make use of headings, which makes navigation a lot faster. LinkedIn is actually a very valuable networking tool. If you're interested in networking or in finding your next job I can't recommend it highly enough. Spend a lot of time building your profile with details regarding your work, skills and other accomplishments. Share interesting articles both to your timeline as well as to relevant groups of interest. Join groups which match your interest and participate by sharing articles and, when possible, by answering questions from other users. If you do these things you are bound to get connection requests regularly. Once you establish connections you can then connect with some of their connections which match your interests and aspirations. While I wouldn't promise that job opportunities will fall into your lap you may well get offers from recruiters who have discovered your profile because of certain keywords they were searching for. This is why your profile shouldn't just contain the companies you've worked for. Instead, add details about each role you've had, mentioning names of specific products you've used or specific terms regarding your duties for that particular role. I can assure you that LinkedIn, if used properly, is not a gimmick and it will not be a waste of your time.

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Sorry to be a downer, but while I know one or two blind people who have used it occasionally, the whole experience is highly unpleasant. I think even most sighted people hate the interface. I’m no stranger to persevering with something irritating if I think I’ll get something good out of it, but I pretty much threw up my hands in defeat not long after creating my linkedin account. They still send me junk mail every week. I have no tips, but, best of luck to you.



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Can anyone offer tips or a recent tutorial or podcast on using linked in with Jaws?




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