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Steve Matzura

Sorry, it's one of many such settings not included for user control. That, along with being able to construct dictionary pronunciation of foreign words JAWS just can't handle, or doesn't handle well. I think this latter is more an Eloquence thing than a JAWS thing, but then again, I have not seen this particular capability available in any other text-to-speech system except DECTalk, and even then, you get just so much and then there is no more. For example, I read a lot of things that have Japanese words and/or names  in them. No matter how I try to respell those, no text-to-speech system I have ever used has done what I would consider to be even a passable job at rendering these repronunciations.

On 8/17/2019 7:04 AM, fenderwal@... wrote:
Hi, folks.
I decided to get serious about learning JFW. Lots of interesting discoveries, and, a few puzzles.
Here is one. I noticed that with or without punctuation spoken, JAWS kind of rushes past what I consider to be normal length punctuation pause intervals. With Window-Eyes, I was able to put a period character after char.chr dictionary entries, thereby increasing the pause interval. This does not work with the JAWS Eloquence voice, however. To my question.
Is there a setting in JAWS to adjust punctuation pause intervals?
Thank you in advance for your help,
Lou N.

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