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JM Casey

Neat. That game bar turns out to be more useful than I at first thought. I knew you can take screenshots with it, but was unaware it had a record feature. Makes sense, though. There are so many PC game playthrougs on youtube and I suppose nowadays a lot of them probably use this method.




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Depending on the computer, you can also use the Windows Game Bar to do this recording.  From the application where you want to record, press win+g.  You may have to answer a check box saying to treat the app like a game.  Then you can use win+alt+r to start and stop recording.  There are also options to include the microphone.


This requires Windows 10 but it is what I use most often these days.




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Camtasia is OK, but I had a lot of difficulty configuring it and making it work to the point where the video was actually usable. Either too big or too small, sometimes I recorded and got blank (black) screens, so I uninstalled it.

OBS Studio is what you need. Do you want to also record your own voice to narrate along with JAWS?Then you need a mixer to mix JAWS audio with a microphone.


On 8/16/2019 10:26 AM, Ashleigh Piccinino wrote:

What about Studio Recorder? I know it records audio of JAWS, or I think it does anyway. I don’t know about the pictures, though.

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Hi everyone


I look after a software there can record picture and sound from JAWS. This is because I should record some pictures and sounds about what there happen in a special web formula with JAWS activated.


Do you have heard about a software there can do that?


I have found a software called Camtasia from, but I not have an idea about the accessibility for blind users in this software.


Thanks in advance for your answer, and have a nice day.





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