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Rick Mladek

I will give the other side of this last comment. I use regularly and it is as all websites go with Jaws, you must learn the site, not as a blind person with Jaws but for the website and what it can offer the user of the said website. It is very useable if you work with jaws. Just learn the informatio needed for your profile and if you can use jaws with comfort, you will be able to use this site without any problem.




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Sorry to be a downer, but while I know one or two blind people who have used it occasionally, the whole experience is highly unpleasant. I think even most sighted people hate the interface. I’m no stranger to persevering with something irritating if I think I’ll get something good out of it, but I pretty much threw up my hands in defeat not long after creating my linkedin account. They still send me junk mail every week. I have no tips, but, best of luck to you.



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Subject: using linked in with Jaws


Can anyone offer tips or a recent tutorial or podcast on using linked in with Jaws?




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