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Dean Martineau <topdot@...>

This depends on whether you want to use your browser's bookmark capability,
which has nothing to do with JAWS, or if you want to use JAWS to mark places
on web pages to return easily to those places. They're called place markers,
and the help system has good instruction. Briefly, Go where you want the
place marker to appear, and press ctrl+shift+K, then alt+a
To add a place marker. Complete the fields, if you have questions, I can go
into more detail. Once you're on a site where you have created a place
marker, press K to navigate to it.

If place markers isn't your question, which browser are you using?

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Subject: creating and using "bookmarks" in Jaws

Hello list:

How do you create and use "bookmarks to navigate websites using the Jaws
screenreading program?


David S. Pearson

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