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Mike B.

Here's a couple of notes that might help.
There are three ways to start skim reading in MS Office Word.  
2. Press CTRL+SHIFT+INSERT+DOWN ARROW, tab to "Start Skim Reading", 
and hit enter.  
3. Press INSERT+F2, down arrow to "Skim Reading Tool", hit enter. Now, 
tab to "Start Skim Reading", and hit enter.  
You can stop Skim Reading by pressing CTRL key, or by pressing any arrow 
The following will explain skim reading.
Skim Reading And Skim Reading With Summary
 How many times have you received a manual for a device or software in
electronic form only to find that important passages or phrases are marked
with bold or italic text? Even worse you have a huge document several
hundred pages long you know has important information in it but it has no
table of contents. A sighted person would simply flick the pages over or
scroll the document down the screen until a phrase or text colour or font
caught their eye. They'd then stop and read to see if it was what they were
after. For a Braille user this is harder to do but can be done with
practice. But how do you do it with speech only?
 In Jaws 6.0 a function called Skim Reading was introduced which allows you
to do exactly the kind of thing sighted people can do so easily. If you're
using Jaws version 6.0 I strongly suggest you update to 6.2 to get the full
functionality of this feature. Jaws 6.2 is a free update for you and can be
downloaded from
 Skim reading will work in any word processor. It will even work in Note
Pad or on a web page. To enter the Skim Reading dialog box press Control
+Shift +Jaws Key  +Down Arrow. The Jaws key is usually the Insert on the
number pad unless you have changed your keyboard layout. If you're using the
Laptop layout it's the Caps Lock.
 The skim reading feature is very powerful but simple enough to operate.
When you first open the skim reading window you are on a series of 4 radio
buttons. These switch between the various ways of reading. I will discuss
them briefly below. If you keep pressing the Tab key you will cycle through
5 other options that appear regardless of the Skim Reading method selected.
 Skim Reading Indication
When checked, this will cause Jaws to produce a sound while searching for
text. This tells you that Jaws is still searching and is especially useful
in large documents if the occurrences of the text are few.
 Start Skim Reading
Pressing space or enter on this button closes the Skim Reading dialog box.
Jaws will then start to read out any text matches it finds. Pressing the
control key will silence jaws and halt the Skim Reading process.
 Create Summary
This is probably the most useful way to Skim Read. This option will go
through the entire document and dump any results into a separate window.
Each result will be on it's own line and is a link. Pressing enter on any of
these links will drop you back onto the document at the exact spot that text
Pressing Space or Enter on this option will close the Skim Reading dialog
without any further action.
This will bring up the Jaws Help with information on the Skim Reading
 As stated above there are 4 ways you can Skim Read in a document using
Jaws. The first 2 really don't need any explanation:  Read First Line Of
Every Paragraph and Read First Sentence of Every Paragraph.
 The next 2 do need some explanation:
 Text Rules Apply For Reading
This option allows you to search for every occurrence of a string of text in
the document. Use the up and down arrow keys to select this option from the
radio buttons then press tab. The Rules history combo box is extremely
useful. Jaws actually remembers any rules you have defined in the past. Use
the arrows to select a rule if you wish to use one of the ones you created
earlier. Pressing Tab again gets you to the edit box to type in the text you
want to search for. Press tab again and select either the line, sentence or
paragraph depending on how you want the results displayed. You can then tab
to the Skim Read or Create Summary buttons.
 There are more advanced ways of searching for text which I won't go into
here. If you want more information on these you can download the Skim
Reading tutorial from the Freedom Scientific web site.

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go dodgers!
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This is great information!  How do you invoke the skim feature while in Word?




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Another possible way of doing this is using the JAWS skim reading utility. If you bring up the utility, and then go down to the fourth item, you can select colors and attributes to search for. There is then a quick nav key to go to the next item, and I believe one can also get a list of all matches.
 This is a great feature for when you get a PDF and are told to read the items marked in red. I don't think it works in excel,
but that would be cool if it did.

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