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Rick Miller

I tried saving it to my desktop, but then when I entered the Run dialog and typed “ /type repair,” after the .exe, I got a dialog that said a matching code for this product is not available.




Rick Miller


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Sent: Tuesday, August 13, 2019 11:07 PM
Subject: Re: I Cannot Do a JAWS 2019 Repair


Just save it to your desktop or downloads folder, shouldn’t be a problem and there is no reason to save stuff to your root drive.



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Subject: I Cannot Do a JAWS 2019 Repair


Dear Listers:


When I tried to install the latest JAWS 2019 update tonight, it would not download, and I got a suggestion to do a JAWS repair.  I am using the JAWS Home edition and am using Windows 10.  With the update of JAWS 2019 I have, the version that I have is J2019.1907.31.  When I went to the Freedom Scientific download page and tried to locate the .exe for J2019.1907.31 there was none.  All that showed was J2019.1907.42.exe.  When I tried to save it to the C drive I got a dialog saying that my administrator would not allow me to save it on the C drive.  Even after I renamed the file as j2019.1907.31.exe, the same dialog  kept popping up.  I have to do a JAWS repair before I will be able to download the latest update.  Can one of you help me and tell me how to go about it.  Thanks.




Rick Miller


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