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For those complaining about SpinRite, it would help if you read the information at the site.   The low-level file systems used under Windows (and a number of other operating systems) have not changed in a very, very long time.   Thus, it's not necessary for software that examines, analyzes and fixes same to change, either.

The SpinRite page explicitly states:  " SpinRite is able to operate on all Windows XP NTFS formats, all DOS FAT, all Linux file systems, Novell, Macintosh (if temporarily moved into a PC) or anything else."   NTFS is NTFS as NTFS has always been.  The various FAT varieties as well.

Steve Gibson doesn't generally leave anything up on the Gibson Research site that isn't currently useful, even if not developed recently.   If he's still selling it, and he is, it's certain to still do what it was advertised as doing.

In any case, errors such as the one being described here always scream "failed or imminently failing" drive to me.   You may be able to get more information about what's wrong, which is useful to know just for one's own information, but it's unlikely to be fixable.

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