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John Covici

I would get smartmontools and see what it says about your drive.
Also, a great utility for disk repair is spinwrite at

On Sun, 11 Aug 2019 06:00:21 -0400,
Dave Durber wrote:

Hello Everyone:

I have a system running Windows 7 Professional 64 BIT, which I
intend upgrading to Windows 10 when I get a new Motherboard for
it. I have JAWS 2018 installed on it. In addition to the CD-DVD
ROM, it has a 120 GB SSD, which is the system drive, and 2 1 TB
Hdd Drives, which ar F and G.

Yesterday, when I started the system, I tried to log onto drive
g. Windows reported a drive error. Of course, being Windows, the
operating system did not tell me what type of error was affecting
the drive, only that Windows could not access it.

I ran CMD, and in the DOS shell window, I used CHKDSK with the /f
switch. CHKDSK, reported that it could not attempt to scan the
drive because of a drive error and closed itself and returned me
to the DOS Shell window.

My question is, is anyone on this list, using a good disk repair
utility, which is accessible using JAWS
At present, I have no idea, as to whether the problem is with
the partition, its format or the problem is with the files which
hold the information about the data stored on the drive.

Any Suggestions please.


Dave Durber

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