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John Gurd

Hi Tom, Bill told you the best way to get rid of for good. But another way that worked for me for individual devices was to press Jaws F10 to bring up a list of running applications. The Yes/No appears here and allows you to focus on it and click no to get rid of it for the device you are using with Winamp.

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Well, this is all very odd. I would have to reinstall winamp in order to experience this dialogue again since I have the related plugin uninstalled completely, but, yes, I do remember it. I also don’t really remember it being a  problem, though, just a minor annoyance.


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Hello, everyone.


Within the past few wekes, whenever I try to play an audio file from my external hard drive with Winamp, I get a message that says something like:  “Winamp has detected a an external drive;  do you want Winamp to access  this drive?”.


There is a yes/no button, but I can’t get to it.


I have tried enter, and the space bar.  I also have tried rooting the Jaws cursor to the PC cursor, but have had no luck.


Occasionally, after trying, I can get the message to play, but then I get an error message about reporting the problem to Winamp.


And, once I get these messages, the only way I can get rid of them is to completely shut down and re-boot my computer.


Has anyone experienced this issue?  If so, how can I respond, or better yet, how can I turn this anoying notification off?


I’m using windows 10 version 1809 with the latest build of Jaws 2019.




Tom Behler



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