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JM Casey

Well, this is all very odd. I would have to reinstall winamp in order to experience this dialogue again since I have the related plugin uninstalled completely, but, yes, I do remember it. I also don’t really remember it being a  problem, though, just a minor annoyance.


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Subject: Another Winamp Question


Hello, everyone.


Within the past few wekes, whenever I try to play an audio file from my external hard drive with Winamp, I get a message that says something like:  “Winamp has detected a an external drive;  do you want Winamp to access  this drive?”.


There is a yes/no button, but I can’t get to it.


I have tried enter, and the space bar.  I also have tried rooting the Jaws cursor to the PC cursor, but have had no luck.


Occasionally, after trying, I can get the message to play, but then I get an error message about reporting the problem to Winamp.


And, once I get these messages, the only way I can get rid of them is to completely shut down and re-boot my computer.


Has anyone experienced this issue?  If so, how can I respond, or better yet, how can I turn this anoying notification off?


I’m using windows 10 version 1809 with the latest build of Jaws 2019.




Tom Behler



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