moderated The alt shift f10 issue

Kevin Meyers <kevinmeyers@...>

Hello, Support at Freedom Scientific or whatever there name is now finally was able to get that nasty message of alt shift f10 to stop. At first we did a repair on the latest version of Jaws 2019. Not sure why it was necessary to do a repair since I updated on Tuesday directly from the site. That didn’t correct it. After doing the repair the message came up asking if I wanted to migrate all settings from 2018. They told me not to so I hit enter on no. The message came back and back and back. There was no way to get out of it. We rebooted and that didn’t stop it. Eventually I had to go into basics, automatically start jaws... and then turn off start jaws at the logon screen. Okay that message no longer came up. To fix the problem with the alt shift f10 all grammar checking settings had to be turned off. Now Outlook is giving me problems with the menus. I press alt and I no longer get the choices. It is like it is using the ribbons. Any thoughts of what I should do to get the menu to display correctly? I’m not sure I’m using the correct verbage for the menu issue. Thanks, Kevin

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