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The problem is that not only didn't Dan mention if he uses Windows 7 or Windows 10, but also he did not say anything about the basic hardware specs of his machine or what in fact the actual problem seems to be.

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The original person did not say which operating system they had trouble with.

On 8/7/2019 12:14 PM, marvin kotler wrote:
is Marv here.  I also have been using jaws update since yesterday
afternoon with no problems.

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Windows 10

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I have been using it since yesterday around noon, have not come across
any problems.  Tom

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Just got off the phone with Freedom Scientific tech support. They have
major problems with the latest update of Jaws 2019. Cannot even do a
repair. They sent me back to using Jaws 2018 and told me this is my
only solution until they get a patch. If it were me I would not do the

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