moderated Reading searchable pdfs with jaws

Rahul Bajaj

Hi all,

I use the latest version of jaws 2019 and version no. 2019.012.20035 of acrobat reader dc. I face 2 issues while using jaws: (a) - in many pdfs, the content appears like a large wall of text in Acrobat Reader and cannot be perused in a para-wise form. You can only peruse it line by line or through say all, both of which are inconvenient. (B): jaws sometimes loses focus, especially when transitioning from one page to the other.

Have others faced any of these issues and found viable ways to read pdf documents *as such* in an accessible way. Note: I am cognizant of solutions like converting them into word, using the OCR feature and viewing them as html documents. What I would like the answer to, however, is the narrow question of whether there exists an accessible way to navigate searchable pdf documents in para-wise form without adopting these roundabout solutions.


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