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If it doesn’t work call Apple Accessibility and see if they can help.


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Sent: Monday, August 5, 2019 1:31 PM
Subject: Re: itunes issue., using JAWS


Hi Justin, 


I don't know if this will work, but you could try control and a. That should perform the select all, and all of your songs should be checked. 


Good luck. 


Ben Swiggett


On Aug 5, 2019, at 2:54 PM, Justin Mcdevitt <jhmcdev@...> wrote:

Hello Group,


All of my itunes library is stored on my PC, with many playlists from my library available to access on my I-phone.

My issue is that I have inadvertently unchecked all the songs in my Itunes library. I have tried using control and left mouse button to check a specific song, thinking that this action might place all other songs in a checked status. However, this hasn’t worked.

I assume that using  JAWS, there is a command within Itunes or a process that allows me to check all the songs in my library.


I would appreciate any and all assistance.


Best,  Justin  

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