moderated Re: I have some questions concerning using a braille display with JAWS, specifically the Focus Blue 40 5th Gen, and want to know of other braille display lists out there.

David Csercsics

Yes, I have found scant information on braille as well, though I have a Brailliant BI 40 as I prefer to use braille rather than speech myself, but I mostly use it with NVDA and the braille Extender add-on as JAWS does braille differently, and I haven't worked out if it's better or not. The JAWS documentation for Freedom Scientific displays is good, but not so much for other manufacturers. I found that for Brailliant BI 40, there was an error where it said in HumanWare's documentation that you could press the combination space with the letter d on the brailliant's braille keyboard for delete, and it would delete. I found it didn't work out of the box, and when I checked JAWS keyboard manager, the "delete" script was not assigned to a key. So I fixed it. Not sure whose bug this is, but getting braille to work in JAWS with something other than a Freedom Scientific product is a few extra steps. I'll join that braille list as well, and see if we can get some extra information. I think this stuff is just not tested as well as speech, and that's a shame, because typically those of us who use braille prefer it. But maybe we could better document what works with what program and what doesn't.

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