JFW 13 With Lotus Notes: Unable To Turn Off Verbosity

Kane Brolin

Hi, everybody.

Since upgrading my Dell notebook to run the 64-bit version of Windows
7 and the 64-bit edition of JFW 13, I've run into an annoying problem
when I use only one particular application: Lotus Notes, which is
still the required e-mail client I've got in the workplace.

When composing a message, every keystroke provokes JAWS to say the
word "untagged" and the phrase "computer Braille." I do use a Braille
display--the Baum BrailleConnect 40--for some of what I do. But these
announcements in Eloquence Speech are made each time I arrow up or
down a line, and each time I type a character, regardless of whether
the display is on or off and regardless of whether JAWS is instructed
to use the Braille display as an output device.

Yes, I have gone into this application's Verbosity Settings and set
them to the Advanced mode, trying to customize and make it so that as
few graphics as possible are spoken. And I have gone into BASICS
inside of JAWS' universal user options and have turned off Tudor
Messages. In all other applications, JAWS' speech behaves as it
should, and it does not give me these prompts when I am reading a memo
or arrowing up and down through a list of messages or folders--only
when I am composing. I've seen this problem pop up only since
upgrading from Ver. 11 to Ver. 13.

Right now, the solution I employ is to turn off speech while composing
a Lotus Notes memo. Does anyone else have any experience or a
brainstorm about this? Thanks.


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