moderated Re: I am looking for the following type of laptop

Steve Matzura

Yeah, I did notice that theĀ  first time I Tandemed in to someone's system in the UK and thought I was going mad. LOL.

On 7/31/2019 3:05 PM, Dave Durber wrote:

When we moved to the UK, we brought all our existing keyboards, which are the US Layout. We do not want nor wish to constantly have to change keyboard layouts, between a laptop with a UK keyboard and an external US keyboard, depending on what we need to use at the time.

Another reason I prefer to have a laptop with a US keyboard, is that I have the ability to use both the left and right alt keys to perform functions. The UK keyboard has only one alt key, which is the left alt key because, the right alt key, is configured as a combined alt+ctrl combination.

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