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JM Casey

Hi Rick


Well, I have winrar on this computer. I’ve used it for many years on many systems. The programme is not exactly free (last time I checked anyway), but it just nags, and the shell options (IE in the contexxt menu), of which there are quite a few available, don’t give a nag screen. It can work with .zip files and also the .rar compressionf ormat, of course. You get slightly better compression for text with .rar than .zip, but it doesn’t really matter in most modern contexts what format you use. Doing an experiment now on a 490 K html file, using the best compression available, I got a result of 190 K using zip; and 166 k using rar.




From: <> On Behalf Of Rick Mladek
Sent: July 31, 2019 2:02 PM
Subject: compression apps


Hi all,


I’m needing to compress a document before emailing. I’m at an approximate 11.8 Mb and am wondering which application is easiest to use and accessible with Jaws 2019.


Thanks for all ideas/comments,



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