moderated Re: Using the built-in mail app in Windows10?

Kenny Peyattt jr.

Hi I can tab around the dialog box in the signature box, and I do have trouble getting to the edit box to put in your signature.

Kenny Peyatt JR.


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From: Randy Barnett
Sent: Tuesday, July 30, 2019 2:56 PM
Subject: Re: Using the built-in mail app in Windows10?


Yes, People do use it. But in my opinion Thunderbird is much more

accessible. I have tried the mail app and it iscombersome and not nearly

as easy to use as Thunderbird.



On 7/30/2019 9:11 AM, ann wrote:

> Hi,

> Using the latest version of Jaws with latest Windows10. Is the mail

> app that comes with Windows10 at all usable with Jaws? So far, all

> I've managed to do is add an account, but now I can't get past the

> screen with the Add Account button.

> If it isn't accessible, what other email clients, other than

> Thunderbird, can people recommend? I cold use Outlook,b ut that seems

> like such overkill when all I want to do is get my email.

> Thanks,

> ~Ann





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