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Dave Durber

Hello Steve:

I like having the single and double quote on the same key. On a UK keyboard, the @ sign and double quote are swapped round.

If the ENTER key is vertical, the \key is moved to the top row, to the left of the BACK SPACE key. If the ENTER key is horrizontal, the \ key is above the ENTER key

On a UK keyboard, the \ key, is generally to the left of the letter zed, thus making the left shift key, the same size as an alpha numeric key. I am used to having a wide left shift key.

As I said previously, given time, I could and would get used to the changes but, I just prefer the US keyboard layout.

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Are the keys really different, not just software-defined differently? Can you not tell Windows it's a US keyboard layout,and the devil with what the key caps say? Interesting.

On 7/30/2019 4:20 PM, Dave Durber wrote:
Thank you Steve for the suggestion.

I've been buying from them for the last 4 years. In fact, they are located not far from where I was born. They are near Portstmouth, I was born in Gosport.

My only problem in buying a Laptop from them, is that I want to have a US keyboard layout, and they cannot provide that.

I do not particularly like the UK keyboard layout. Of course, if I had no choice, I would get used to using one.

Dave Durber

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