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Dave Durber

Thank you Steve for the suggestion.

I've been buying from them for the last 4 years. In fact, they are located not far from where I was born. They are near Portstmouth, I was born in Gosport.

My only problem in buying a Laptop from them, is that I want to have a US keyboard layout, and they cannot provide that.

I do not particularly like the UK keyboard layout. Of course, if I had no choice, I would get used to using one.

Dave Durber

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Contact Novatech, a very well-known and reputable company in your country who have built quality machines for several folks I know. If you can't find out how to do so, email me privately and I'll get you some phone numbers. They may not be in your neck of the wood though, so you may have to do this buying by mail, or they may tell you they have an outlet in or near your location.

On 7/29/2019 11:36 AM, Dave Durber wrote:
Hello everyone:

I am looking for either a brand name laptop or one I can build myself or have built for me, which has room for not only the system hard drive but also has an additional hard drive for data.

I want the speed of an SSD drive and an HDD drive for storing my data files.

I have looked on the internet for a laptop with this configuration, with no success.

Any ideas?

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