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Peter op t Hof


I have used TOAT, but it is served out.

The workaround from Pamela works for me too.

By the way, there are more CLI tools which you can use.

Also i use JQUERY and Biz from Seeburger.

Greetings from the Netherlands.


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I am a database administrator, mostly with informix, but I also do some oracle work. I mostly do work by directly logging onto a linux server via puTTY.

I have not used TOAD for a long time, so cannot comment on how it works with JAWS.

Oracle Enterprise Manager is working better with JAWS than it used to. It can still be somewhat cumbersome, but I have been able to use it when I have needed to.

Oracle Developer would give you the graphical view of a database. I had tried using that with JAWS on my Windows 7 laptop, but it was impossible to use due to the amount of memory on my laptop. I am now using Windows 10, but haven't tried it there yet. It did look like it might have possibilities with JAWS, but it seemed to be too much of a hog for my laptop.


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Oracle accessibility, in the context of connecting to a database, has also been a question I have had for years. I am glad to see it is being discussed on this list. I have asked on other lists, to get no satisfactory answer.

Yes, I know one can use SQL*Plus to connect and query a database, but how does one go about graphically seeing a database with JAWS? I know TOAD Datapoint is cross-database. Is there a way to make it work with JAWS?

Thank you,

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It depends on what you are wanting to do with an oracle database. Are you trying to use client tools such as SqlPlus or Oracle Developer to connect to a remote database? Are you trying to use Oracle Enterprise Manager? Are you connecting to a database directly on a unix or linux server?

If you can be more specific, I may be able to provide more help.

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Thank you for that.

On 7/29/19, Tom Lange <> wrote:
Don't know. By the way, oracle is spelled o r a c l e.

On Jul 29, 2019, at 4:46 PM, Tony Guy <> wrote:

Does anyone know how JAWS works with Orical data base? Did I get
myself in a lot of trouble?

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