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I’m not finding a way to disable the announcement of visited links. In your situation, I might use the list of links, with multiple first-letter navigation available to get to the link you want, or I might set place markers on a few strategic places, or I might use JAWS Find. With that, given that search strings are retained on a per-site basis, you could use Find and arrow quickly to the desired term to get you to the desired page. I think as time goes by, and you don’t visit some of those links often, they will no longer show as visited.


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Subject: Visited links on a website


Hello,  Does anyone know if there is a way to clear visited links from a website?  Certain websites that I visit on a regular basis to manage data have all or most of the links announced by JAWS as “Visited Link.”  This is because as I was getting familiar with the links on the site, I had hit Enter on them to explore what they would do.  Now, I know where I want to go and just typing the letter V for visited link to find the one that I need would be much easier if I could start over and not have JAWS announce all links as “Visited Link.”.

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