moderated Re: JFW18 and Tabs within a Text Editor

Dani Pagador

The Scripting manual has us working with the script manager in
Notepad. So … I'm assuming the text editor would be Notepad?

The manual has an HTM extension, and opens up in Explorer. I turned
the Indent setting on in the .htm file and didn't notice a difference
in JFW's announcement. All of the lines look like they start at the
left margin.

On 7/29/19, Kevin Meyers <> wrote:
What editor are you using? I use notepad++. I press the keys alt and the
delete key on the numpad. This tells me how far in it is from the left which
is the first number. In notepad++ it doesent tell you in inches. It would
say something like 150,235. Then when I want to go farther to the left I
tab, press the keys alt and delete key on the numpad and it will be a larger
number telling me it is indented farther to the left.

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Hi, Everyone.
I'm working through the JFW Scripting manual and am wondering if it's
possible to have JFW announce tabs within a text document. I'm on Chapter 9
and have to write If-Then statements, and have to indent some of the script
lines. JFW doesn't seem to announce tabs when I use the reading commands to
review the manual, and the tabbed lines don't seem to show on my Braille

Any thoughts?


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