moderated Re: I am looking for the following type of laptop

Randy Barnett <blindmansbluff09@...>

Check this out:

You want to find a laptop with a M2 NVME connector for a NVME SSD. They are small but way faster than a SATA SSD. Mine moves data at 2.5GB/s read and 2.3GB/S write. this form factor is specifically for laptops but as usual is used in PC's too.
HDDs will suck way more power if that matters to you. If you want a second drive for data to help guard against data loss then I would get 2 SSD's. One M2 NVME for OS and programs and one 2.5" SATA witch is what the first and most of the laptops in the list have.

On 7/29/2019 8:36 AM, Dave Durber wrote:
Hello everyone:

I am looking for either a brand name laptop or one I can build myself or have built for me, which has room for not only the system hard drive but also has an additional hard drive for data.

I want the speed of an SSD drive and an HDD drive for storing my data files.

I have looked on the internet for a laptop with this configuration, with no success.

Any ideas?

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