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Any laptop with at least 1 spot for a 2.5 inch drive nowadays should also be able to take an M.2 form factor SSD. Those are SSD's which are basically a card you plug into a slot in your laptop and you can then use the 2.5 inch drive bay for either another SSD or a traditional hard drive.

SSD prices are coming down fast as capacities go up, here is one example of a 1 Tb SSD which is $229 Canadian, probably would be $179 or so in the US:

Samsung MZ-N6E1T0BW 860 EVO M.2 SATA III 1 TB Internal SSD

Unless  you need more than 1 Tb of space I’d seriously consider spending the money for a drive like that rather than spending $80 or $100 for a smaller SSD and another $50 to $70 for a larger regular hard drive since it will of course greatly impact the battery life of the laptop to run two drives and in the end you wouldn’t save that much.

If of course you need 2 or 4 Tb it’s a different story.

Also, if the laptop has a DVD drive and you don’t need it you can get very inexpensive little caddies which allow you to put a regular 2.5 or 3.5 inch hard drive into the spot where the DVD drive usually goes.





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Hello everyone:


I am looking for either a brand name laptop or one I can build myself or have built for me, which has room for not only the system hard drive but also has an additional hard drive for data.


I want the speed of an SSD drive and an HDD drive for storing my data files.


I have looked on the internet for a laptop with this configuration, with no success.


Any ideas?





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