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Tyler Wood

You'd be in the market for a ggaming laptop, which most likely meets your
I own a Lenovo thinkpad x1 extreme which can hold 2 solid state drives. Note
that a 1 tb solid state drive can now be found for less than $100 - and the
speed is so very worth it. So in theory, you could have 2 1 tb drives
installed in there. I'm not sure what your budget is - but it's a very solid
machine that will last me for years to come. The keyboard is absolutely
fantastic, the build quality is top notch and it's very, very serviceable.

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Subject: I am looking for the following type of laptop

Hello everyone:

I am looking for either a brand name laptop or one I can build myself or
have built for me, which has room for not only the system hard drive but
also has an additional hard drive for data.

I want the speed of an SSD drive and an HDD drive for storing my data files.

I have looked on the internet for a laptop with this configuration, with no

Any ideas?

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