moderated Re: Jaws 2019 and desktop shortcut keys

Shan Noyes

I know that sounds weird but hey the windows desktop environment is very complicated and who knows what interactions are taking place have a good day shan I would suggest calling Microsoft access ability desk because it may be some obscure setting is causing you grief because a year ago when I update it to 1803 my jaws would work fine with word excel however when I tried to use Internet explore chrome or Firefox to go on the Internet my keyboard echo would not report what I was typing correctly The solution and it up being liking my video monitor into landscape mode and as soon as I locked it in landscape mode G keyboard echo reported what I was typing correctly That solution came from the Microsoft accessibility helpdesk

On Jul 28, 2019, at 8:36 AM, David Csercsics <> wrote:

Yes, that's why I am possibly thinking it is user error. But it's odd because I didn't think my hardware was that nonstandard. What's the likely source of crashes? As far as I can tell, I have all the Windows updates and I could not find newer drivers for hardware than what Windows 10 ships with. Where else does one look for instability?

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