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Richard Turner

Perhaps a call to Microsoft Accessibility would be useful. They can log in to your machine and check any crash reports and fix things for you if they find problems or at your request, tell you what to fix.
I have had very good success with them. You can call them at 800-936-5900.
It is pretty much impossible to speculate as to where the instability could be without knowing everything about your machine, add ins, etc.
That would take someone logging into your machine and finding the problem point if they can.


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Yes, that's why I am possibly thinking it is user error. But it's odd because I didn't think my hardware was that nonstandard. What's the likely source of crashes? As far as I can tell, I have all the Windows updates and I could not find newer drivers for hardware than what Windows 10 ships with. Where  else does one look for instability?

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