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Hi Richard,

No, currently the subscription model Jaws offers in the US is restricted to the US only. Let's hope it will be offered here in Canada very soon since I think it's a great idea and while I will continue to buy SMA's as long as they are offered, for people like David who never had Jaws or for people who are 2 or 3 or even more versions behind the subscription model is great.

By the way, David, just in case you didn't know this, the 40 minutes start counting from the first time you turn Jaws on, if you have Jaws set to load on startup and turn it off right away it still counts so if you did this and then turned it on 35 minutes later all you would get before it stops working and you have to reboot is 5 minutes.


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No bother.
I didn't realize the $90 subscription offer from Freedom Scientific wasn't good in Canada.
It sounds like you could be using one of the free screen readers when not using Jaws, which to avoid list administrative ire, I won't mention.
But for many things, yes, Jaws is still more powerful.

Perhaps you could still write Eric Damery at FS to say that in demo mode of Jaws 2019 your desktop shortcuts don't work. So far, none of their 100 or so beta testers can duplicate it and none of their tech staff can either.


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I don't think I can get a full version in Canada, at least not easily, since it costs as much as 2 computers. I'm just testing it to see if it's a worthwhile upgrade. I like the braille support mostly, though it was a pain to get to work, compared with other screen readers. I was aware that someone would rip me for saying demo mode, which is why I said maybe commenting on it wasn't worth my time. Back to lurk mode, and sorry for the inconvenience. I was only away from my keyboard for 15 minutes to walk the dog, which shouldn't have crashed my keyboard and braille display to the point I couldn't load another screen reader or do anything else with the system. But again, back to lurk mode, and I won't bother anyone here.

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