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Hi David,

I am also in Canada and I would hazard a guess and say there is something else going on which causes your problems. I have been a Jaws user since the DOS days (starting in 1989) and since then I have had every single version of Windows except 8.1 and every single version of Jaws on dozens of computers over those 30 years. I have a business and work on my computer and with Jaws every day for 8 to 10 hours and then again I use it at night on my laptop at home. At my retail store I have Jaws on 4 computers and not one exhibits the problems you describe.
Does Jaws have issues? Yes, of course it does, but so does every other software program in the world and certainly every screenreader, but I could not have run my store for the last 20 years without it and one thing is for certain, under Windows 10 the Jaws cursor isn't as useful as it used to be under Windows 7, but I go literally days and even weeks without any major Jaws crashes, at least not so I have to resort to rebooting my computer.


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I don't think I can get a full version in Canada, at least not easily, since it costs as much as 2 computers. I'm just testing it to see if it's a worthwhile upgrade. I like the braille support mostly, though it was a pain to get to work, compared with other screen readers. I was aware that someone would rip me for saying demo mode, which is why I said maybe commenting on it wasn't worth my time. Back to lurk mode, and sorry for the inconvenience. I was only away from my keyboard for 15 minutes to walk the dog, which shouldn't have crashed my keyboard and braille display to the point I couldn't load another screen reader or do anything else with the system. But again, back to lurk mode, and I won't bother anyone here.

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